Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Love Forever Wallpapers

Everyone experience to fall in and out of love 
Sharing everything and giving all that they have got 
I thought from what I have in the darkness of my past 
I'll never learn to love 'till you came as one of the cast

Everything in my past became just plain and ordinary 
As you came I discover that in life no need to be wary 
You became the apple of my eyes and give a wonderful view 
That makes me dream someday its just between me and you

Your stare and sweet smile brings shiver inside me 
And whenever you come near me I just felt so uneasy 
I hope one day u will hug me tight and kiss me 
But i know that this things I just imagine should not be

Forever Love

Forever Love

Forever Love

Forever Love

Forever Love

Forever Love

As the sun and moon is in the sky and sharing 
When the earth in its orbit is just turning 
I find my days running and realize that I'm loving 
And dreaming someday that you and me will together be living

Hours is running and the days are fast dropping 
And you enchant me things bout you that I'm learning 
But all the good things i just imagine I know is just a dream 
This makes me feel sad, lonely and as if I want to scream.

I know I'm loving a human that is not really meant for me 
But what can I do if I want things happen as it should be 
And this time I realize that things not happening in order 
And I should be aware because it will someday make me shatter

The day that terrifies me finally came and I don't know what to do 
What I want is not to let you go and my warm hug will keep you 
As days passed by my fragile heart became brittle 
And all this things makes me weak and kills me little by little

I want to hate you for the pain that you brought 
But I realize no one to blame 'coz it's all my fault 
And even you bring tears and sadness in this eyes of mine 
I know someday everything will just be fine

And to my surprise the day that I'm waiting come in 
I just woke up one day that you're in front of me standing 
Forgiving and forgetting is the only thing I should be giving 
And we will start anew as if the things gone by is nothing

What we have is a long journey and we walk thousand miles away 
Thank God we don't grew tired and still decided to stay 
Just remember that anytime of the day should be cherish together 
And please honey promise me we will do anything to make it last forever

And I swear to you my love to give my heart and affection 
You'll be the only person to yield this so much attention 
Despite of it all and even the situation gets harder 
My love for you will still keep in growing fonder and promise it will be FOREVER.

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